A small romantic beach wedding ceremony held at Aphrodite's Rock

A lovely review received from Shaun & Heather who had a renewal of wedding vows ceremony on the beach at Aphrodite's Rock.

"After being together for over 25 years, we decided to formalise our partnership through marriage and saw an appeal in a simple but not traditional ceremony and celebration which would provide a lasting memory for us, as well as our closest family members, and a marriage on a beach held an attraction for us.  

With our decision made, we embarked on trying to find an individual or company who could support us, through the legal process and then with arrangements for the day - after nights of online enquiries and increasing despondency by the 'rejections' (it seems many are not interested in a small ceremony that doesn't attract a huge fee) our hopes were raised by positive response from The Villa Group, which then turned into the belief of the possible when we were contacted by Mandy.  

Mandy readily engaged with our thinking for the day, offered suggestions which we took advantage of, and then helped us through, what at first seemed a minefield of bureaucracy, but was actually straightforward with her guidance and explanations.  Throughout the process, Mandy offered checks which helped our confidence as well as a clear plan for the actual wedding day.  Prior to our departure, there was some doubt cast by friends as to whether we were dealing with a legitimate individual and company which did cause some anxiety and I suspect others planning an overseas wedding may also have similar concerns - Mandy and The Villa Group are real!  

Without doubt, Mandy is a consummate professional and we are lucky to have met her."