The wedding of Jamie and Sarah was a huge celebration amongst many family and friends at this spectacular villa which provided ample space for the day’s celebrations. It was a larger-than-usual wedding party and James and Sara were looking for a wedding villa that was both spacious and luxurious, just so happens we had just the property for them that would suit their wedding requirements perfectly!  Due to the size of the party and the additional extras that James and Sara added to their day, they decided a pre-wedding visit to Cyprus would help provide them with peace of mind.

When it comes to booking wedding extras for your special day, the options are almost limitless! Although of course, this will depend on the overall wedding budget. This is because wedding extras such as dance floors, magic mirror, dry ice machine, and cold Gerb fireworks for the first dance, can be a bit like Christmas as you could keep going and going! But there are options and if you have dreamt of a fairy tale wedding, then this is something we can help you achieve. First, we will assist you with finding the right wedding villa for you and your expected wedding party, from size to budget to location. Then our wedding planner will guide you step by step from the very beginning of your wedding planning up until the very evening of your wedding day ensuring everything goes to plan.  More than that, we aim time and time again to exceed your expectations as your wedding planner is fully aware that your wedding day is the most important day of your life! The only downside is that the wedding day itself passes by far too quickly as James and Sara would vouch for. Many couples often comment if they can do it again!

Of course, we can! Come back for the Renewal of Vows or  Blessing in the near future! Sara and James added many options to their own day from a glittering light dance floor to a private bar service as they really wanted to create a party atmosphere which is exactly what was achieved on their wedding day.

Their wedding celebrations continued long into the night. James and Sara's main goal was to celebrate in style and be sure that their guests had a day to remember. It is true to say that their wedding day was full of laughter and tears of happiness. It was a day neither James nor Sara and their guests will forget in a hurry!